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Sponsorship Aquisition

Sponsorship Consulting & Aquisition

Sponsorship Consulting and Acquisition Hattan Enterprises provides strategic opportunities to maximize sponsorship and advertising possibilities through our strong network conglomerate. We specialize in providing high-quality a...
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Athlete Representation

Athlete & Talent Representation

Hattan Enterprises provides the industry’s top athlete and talent representation. Notoriety is a distinguishing element for athletes and entertainers. Hattan Enterprises secures the value of its client’s notoriety by protec...
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Jake Hattan

Jake Hattan, President of Hattan Enterprises

Hattan Enterprises President:  Jake Hattan Jake Hattan is the founder and President of Hattan Enterprises.  Hattan Enterprises is a multifaceted conglomerate that is industrious in the sports and entertainment arena. Jake Hat...
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Hattan Enterprises Network

Hattan Enterprises has a solid network that has been built on years of powerful relationships. Jake Hattan President of Hattan Enterprises has been instrumental in creating a strong network to facilitate the needs of our client...
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Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiations

Hattan Enterprises is committed to negotiating contracts of the highest value and long term benefit to our clients. We have an internal understanding of many markets, bringing vital experience to every situation. We understand ...
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Business Development

Driving Your Business to the Next Level

Hattan Enterprises is committed to driving your business to the next level. We empower our clients to achieve the pinnacle of their goals and accomplishments. We are dedicated to maximizing your potential and optimizing your su...
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Co-branding and Strategic Partnerships

Co-Branding and Strategic Partnerships Hattan Enterprises has multiple Co-Branding opportunities to offer its clientele. We believe in the power of association. Association however is contingent on the foundation of the relatio...
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