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February 13, 2017

Jake Hattan, President of Hattan Enterprises

Jake Hattan

Hattan Enterprises

President:  Jake Hattan

Jake Hattan is the founder and President of Hattan Enterprises.  Hattan Enterprises is a multifaceted conglomerate that is industrious in the sports and entertainment arena. Jake Hattan and his Enterprise is the top authority in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Industry.

Jake Hattan has been involved in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts since its wide-scale introduction to the sporting world in 1993.  He has experience in all aspects of this sport. Not only is he a World Title MMA Fighter, but he is also an esteemed coach, manger and business entrepreneur.

Hattan’s hard earned title as an authority stature in MMA has been built on a foundation of dedication and perseverance.  Jake began his MMA fight career training in northern Colorado. He quickly earned high accolades as a fighter, winning both regional and world titles.  In conjunction to his success as a MMA fighter, Jake has earned several Black Belts in various disciplines. In pursuit of his passion to further understand Asian Culture, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Oriental Philosophy.

Jake Hattan is a two time World Title Holder and has competed against the top fighters around the world.  In addition to being a world champion fighter, Jake has the distinguished honor of being inducted into the Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2005.

Jake is one of the most recognized and respected managers in MMA.  He has represented and managed MMA fighters in the UFC (The Ultimate Fighting Championship), former WEC (World Extreme Cage Fighting), Strikeforce and other prominent promotion companies.  Jake continues to work with, manage and train many of today’s top fighters, maintaining the closest possible connection with these important marketing partners.  Jake’s close connection with fighters, the UFC and other top MMA organizations, gives him valuable insight into the growing and evolving world of MMA.

As a result of his success as a business entrepreneur in Mixed Martial Arts, Jake was and still is a highly recruited candidate for many corporations wishing to enter into the MMA industry.  For this reason, he was recruited in 2006 by Xyience. At that time, Xyience was new contender in the sport supplement and energy drink arena.  Jake Hattan was brought in to develop marketing strategies and to build brand recognition and exposure of this new company through the sport of mixed martial arts.  Included in Jake’s responsibilities was developing and coordinating Xyience brand exposure with the UFC, and fighters who were under contract with the UFC.  Jake successfully executed and promoted sponsorship opportunities between Xyience and some of the top fighters in mixed martial arts and in the UFC.

Currently, Jake is the President and Founder of Hattan Enterprises, a company that works to develop various strategic business and marketing opportunities in the Niche Sports Industry and in Entertainment. Hattan Enterprises offers sophisticated solutions for many corporations through a savvy business model. This model includes business development, experiential marketing, athlete and talent representation and strategic partnerships & networking. Hattan Enterprises is a powerful conglomerate of several unique entrepreneurial entities. These conglomerates include: MMA Lifestyle and Entertainment, HotNVegas, Xtreme Tweet, Back2Win, and Free Play Vegas.

Jake Hattan’s unsurpassed reputation in the MMA industry is a major contributing factor to his authority stature; one that has been established by years of deep rooted experience. Nevertheless, not only does he have a diverse background in MMA, he also has an authentic business style which has earned him his excellent reputation and respect.